Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Sweet Memory

We've been busy! October 14-16, 2010 Adam, Noah, and I spent 3 nights in Ozark, Arkansas under the harvest moon. We played in the sunshine and listened to amazing music from groups like Yonder Mountain String Band, Leftover Salmon, Brett Dennen, Infamous Stringdusters, 1 oz jig, and Keller Williams. The weekend was just so wonderful. Lucky for us, it didn't end there either.
With fall in St. Louis, Twilight Tuesday is free music in the park, and the last event of the season was Tuesday after we returned home. Wednesday, we went to see a special musical group at the Sheldon next to the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Thursday we started our baby classes... the sign that the time is coming soon that we will meet our baby. Invited to an Art Gala in St. Charles, Missouri, we crossed the Missouri Ocean, and saw several Baseball hall of fame members commemorate special sports artists that document their lives. It was a magical week. I spent it nearly stress-free with lovely husband.
Sunday: My dearest and I visited Forest Park for a walk. The leaves are changing yellows, oranges, fire reds, and soon I know that winter will be here. We carved pumpkins, and they are festive.

During these events, I remembered a sweet time in Chile that I wanted to write down. Adam and I were in Pichilemu. We'd taken a carriage ride into town from our cabana to go eat dinner. Before we caught our ride, we prepared wood for a fire on the beach underneath the stars. we hit the town, and sadly, I don't remember the meal we ate or what the surroundings were like. I remember Adam confiding in me with his thoughts and feelings and memories. I remember feeling so elated and overwhelmed with happiness because I was that special someone. Each time I think of this night, it returns to me that it was Valentine's Day, and without gifts for one another, my future husband gave me the moon, the stars, the ocean, all at once. If he could have lassoed the moon, he would've. That moment in my life is irreplaceable and unmatched. What's more beautiful is the fact that as simple as that moment was, it is the essence of life. The essence of my life.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The big 2-5

Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I have no impending dread of the next day, and I have the entire weekend to spend as I choose. I'm so thankful for that today.
This weekend is particularly special. Not really, but I am 25 years old. 25
and 25 weeks along. My mom was 25 when she became pregnant with me, and 26 when she had me. The same as me. This week (24) has been particularly difficult for me. I wore myself a little too thin probably did too much, and I'm just exhausted. We're deciding on purchasing a house... very stressful. I'm spent over it. I can't make a decision about it-- do I want it... do I not? We're going to be broke after we buy it. I'm going to release my mind from it this weekend. They can't eat me, they can't kill me, and they can't harass me. I'm going to let it be.
I also threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, and it was beautiful. It was a challenge, though, for me. It was so nice and we had great weather for it too. I made all the food; I decorated; I cleaned; I love it.

I will try to add more photos of the tea party table too... It stepped straight out of an Antropology magazine-- lace and tissue paper, white and light... It is totally unique.
My husband was sweet enough to help me- and I received sweet notes for the hard work that we put into it. It's nice to be appreciated.