Friday, March 25, 2011


I used to think of Patchwork as a quilt, particularly the kind that comes out of a hand-me-down box. We all remember the jean patchwork that Beyonce wore. And, there's colorful corduroy patchwork that one hippy culture wears. I, however, have a soft spot for brown, black, leather and heavy, mis-matched patchwork. This patchwork sewed a place in my heart. And, this is a call to these people I met on coincidence one summer night in Jackson, Wyoming. These people were wearing patchwork pants and skirts. They wore heavy, dirt-kicking, black boots and piercings. (Needless-to-say, their appearance didn't give the air that they were approachable.)
These 'kids' were out of gas looking for extra change outside on a corner. I emphasize 'kids' because I know one young girl was 17. The others were between the ages of 18-22. Two boys and two girls. They'd been touring the national parks, and this was their last stop before hitting San Francisco. They looked like they'd been traveling days upon days. And, God knows Jackson is the best place to end up. It's just indescribably beautiful and serene. My friend and I were going to the grocery, and we were already making pizza... we looked at each other, and we saw the same thing.

We were asking them to dinner.

We were asking people that we didn't know to dinner at our house.

We were inviting them into our home to eat.

And. we. did.

They arrived most graciously and promptly. And we made some of the most delicious pizza ever. I asked them about their lives and what they had been doing. Hence, I discovered all the aforesaid.

Before sharing the meal, whilst I was still preparing dinner. We offered them to shower (those who know me know I always have clean towels and blankets.) They happily accepted.

The younger of the boys, tossed our traditional pizza crust, and helped us make the pizzas. (He'd worked at a pizza joint before heading west.)

We broke bread.

I learned that the seventeen year old girl had no family. She was going to study art in San Francisco. She'd been alone awhile it seemed. Her friend didn't talk very much, but she was very appreciative of all things hospitable. And, she was verbal about that. The older guy was very cool- from San Francisco and had just been traveling around listlessly.

Now, I did not get a background of the relationships to one another or how they'd met. I just wanted to know them. I was drawn to them as a collective. One thing was obvious though, this young man was the brains. They'd camped, slept in the car, and traveled the whole summer. Jackson is where'd they had run dry. He shared some honey they had picked up along the way, and it was mellow in flavor and feeling. It was delicious and sweet.

We knew the night was coming to an end, and we swapped email addresses. We promised that if we were in each other's city we'd catch up. I never sent nor received an email. I did wish them all the best in the remainder of their travels... and again, they were most gracious of our kindnesses.

Sadly, I don't remember any of their names. And, I haven't thought of them in a long while. I was driving home from Tennessee, and their faces came up with their patchwork clothing. I thought of that night and the sweet, sweet time we shared. We gave them the bare necessities and the humblest of things: food, shower, beverage, and smiles.

I cried. I cried because it was so wonderful. I cried because I wish this was the way of the rest of the world.

I thought: I want a revolution. I want all the people who love...WHO LOVE... to love each other. I want you to love someone you don't even know.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage, Baby

Isn't she darling? I am sure this is my favorite photo so far. I love it.
She's growing so fast, and I'm loving being a mom. It has completely changed my worldview, and it's an amazing experience. I have to refer you to a friend's blog because she eloquently writes her reflections of being a mom and a wife. Her recent post of 6 months reflections is here:

I was in tears reading her thoughts because her voice is so profound and true. I am so thankful for Ryan in my life, and I wouldn't change it for anything at all. The waiting part for her to come was trying, and pregnancy was not a walk in the park for me. In fact, I did not like being pregnant. I love, love, love these moments now and learning about the person she is. Of course, we will shape her and direct her, but she is already a being very, very unique.

Some things I've been working on at home:
1.Gardening. We've got violas, tulips, and miniature daffodils. Herbs are to come. I'm even going to attempt Lavender-- I am deciding on starting from seed, but it won't bloom until next year. I'm saving eggshells to correct the pH of the soil. I'm going to plant some hanging baskets of greenery today, and I'm excited about that.
2. Organizing. This is something that is challenging in our apartment. We're slowly downsizing... which is great. I acquire new things and we trade spots for old items. We removed a very large ottoman from our living room and it made a huge difference. Adam finished the baby changing table, and it's soo adoreable. L is for Lenz. Here it is:

3.Updating a found ice cream parlor table: This probably won't be completed until May. But, I found a broken Ice Cream Parlor wire table and chair set! Free! I hope to paint the metal white, and the table top and seats red. I think it will look very french. Perhaps a tea party will be in order once my dear friend, Anne, arrives back in town.
4. Exercising. Wow! How I have missed this. I did not feel like doing anything exercise wise at the near end of my pregnancy. But, I have gone for a couple of jogs recently, and boy, did I miss it. 5K in May--
5.I have some mother's day gifts in mind... I'm planning on ordering the tools for this ASAP.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Relatives and Immediate Family

"Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain't no place I'd rather be, baby, won't you carry me...."

I went to Tennessee to visit my family for the week last week. It was such a sweet time, and special for me as a mother. Ryan hadn't met her grandfather, my dad, Pop. And, I was so excited about that occasion. When I pulled into Memphis, I stopped at my dad's house, and brought the little girl inside the house. He thought she was the most beautiful baby! (Yeah, that's what I think, too.)
I left there to go to my second mother's house, Beverly's and we had dinner and stayed the night. Ryan was pretty tired after our road trip, so Tuesday morning we took it easy and were slow moving. This was our date day with Pop.
We met him at his house and sat next to the wood s
tove and warmed up. Then, I had the brilliant idea to go visit my grandmother (Pop's mother), Grandmater. Ryan would meet her Great Grandmother, and I hadn't seen her in a while. She lives in a nursing home-- and since I work in a nursing home, I know how important it is to go visit. And, I'm pretty proud that I do my best to visit her when I can. It was great. I have a great photo from the visit, and my sweet 91 year old grandmother held my daugther. She cried as we left, and it just tore at my heart strings. I love her so much, and I have such good, good memories of her and growing up being close to her. I'm so blessed to have been loved by such wonderful people my entire life. Love really is all you need.

Wednesday was my much needed pampering day-- but just to prepare for this, I had lots of work to do. I pumped all night for enough mild to be gone for most of the day. I was headed to my salon for my haircut, and it went well. I felt immediately better once my hair was done. (Pregnancy hair on me was not becoming- it became super heavy and too thick.) Next... I needed to ditch the maternity jeans. Sadly, they are still the only ones that fit me, but they. are. frumpy. I'm so glad they're outta here. I found a pair of bellbottom jeans- that I love. They are so becoming and make me feel like a new woman. (For a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl- at least one pair of jeans is a necessity.)
I went to my mom's mother's house and Ryan had some special time with her other great-grandmother. Be still my heart! Ryan was so well behaved while I was gone. And, I'm starting to feel better every day. My confidence improved significantly just due to that little pampering I did for myself. Here's to losing the baby weight, and getting back into shape!
Thursday was a shopping day, and dinner date with my dad. My sister and I found some cute items, and I bought some homeware items (new pillows for our bed and sheets.) My grandmother (Moose) found some old bedding that she no longer wanted, and I got it! It's darling for Ryan when she has her own room.
I met my dad with Ryan at a historic restaurant to the Memphis Restaurant scene. Jim's Place East (known for Greek food.) I had a glass of JFJ Almond Sparkling wine and had Moussaka for my meal. It was soo decadent and flavorful. I had forgotten what eating out felt like at a nice, posh restaurant. It was a blast and a nice dinner date with my daddy.
Friday, I picked up some mature wisteria plants for my sister-in-law. And, I knew she would be so excited to have them. I headed back to Missouri with a car full. New Pillows, all of Ryan's items, new bedding, wisteria plants, a potted tulip, and potted plants... I am so thankful for my family always thinking of us and helping us in any way.

The Weekend:
This is our anniversary weekend! We've been married a year! It doesn't seem like that long ago, but we did have a baby within the year. We traveled around alittle bit, and we are very happy.
Happy Anniversary on the first day of Spring!