Sunday, December 12, 2010

34 Weeks

Oh boy. I'm so uncomfortable. I eat... I'm uncomfortable. I sleep- uncomfortable. I sit- uncomfortable. It's 3 am now, and I can't sleep.

Even though I can't sleep, I am watching our first winter snow fall in St. Louis. And, I miss the snow from Wyoming. It's so beautiful. It just falls so quietly and morphs all the dark, dingy roads and roofs to brilliant white. My baby and I have just shared our first snow. And, even though he/she isn't outside... the stillness I feel is awe-inspiring.

I have 6 weeks left. Adam and I are getting excited talking about our family and the new changes that we're going to see. I'm so thankful for him. He's going to be such an amazing father, and be so loving to his child. Keeping me going is not knowing the gender. Either way, we will be so thrilled- but, it's like the light at the end of the tunnel. It definitely gives me something to look forward. Boy or Girl, we'll love 'em so very much.

I'm going to make my first purchases for "little one" today. I need a crib sheet and some onesies. We have one other purchase-- the car seat! Can't get the little one home without it.

So, Christmas is coming... I do love Christmas. It's our first married christmas, and I'm pregnant. That's a pretty wonderful gift, if you ask me. And, yes, it's been a tumultuous journey, but I know it will be worth it.

On to other things... Our house is just becoming more and more lovely. We have a fire most days to keep us warm. And, I think I have been nesting- washing walls, curtains, sheets, and dusting. We have so much to be thankful. We are happily behind the times, and we have such sweet moments. I am so in love with my husband and my child-- and our life. It's modest but happy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Aw, Go On and Get All Domestic

Thinking is something I have been doing. Sometimes that is enough to get me into trouble. I think too much and over-analyze, and then where are am I? Probably worse off than I was before.... This isn't the point, though.

I appreciate my journey thus far. College was such a weird surreal experience. I didn't learn where I was most comfortable until my senior year of that 4 year blip in my life. I made my little private dorm room my own. I started cooking in our bare minimum kitchen. I remember making vegetable cream cheese for my bagels, and my first pot roast on my own. I enjoyed the process. I bought my first teapot (We still use now), and I tried my best to stop using the microwave. By the time graduation came, I was eating so very healthy-- learning alternative dishes from my vegetarian roommate. They were super flavorful and delicious.
My bedroom was my work space and my safe spot. I had the things I love surround me and remind me of the beautiful world and works around me. And, now I see how those practices that I learned that last year of college stuck.

I moved to Wyoming-- packed all my personal belongings in the back of my car and left.
I lived again in a shared dorm room. I moved from there to a shared loft (even less privacy.) After nearly a year more of this community living, I finally shared an apartment with my future-to-be husband. We lived there about 6 months. And, even though I had my safe spot-- I knew it was to change again soon. My mantra for a short time was, "Don't get too comfortable, cause once I do, I know it'll change." And, it did.
Memphis was my destination for about 3 months before leaving for a new adventure in Chile... Guess how many times I moved while I lived there? 4 times. 4 times in 3 months. Yeah, that was fun.
I moved to Chile... and back to the states 6 weeks later. That was even more fun.
Then, I found a 104 year old Century home in Dogtown, St. Louis, Missouri. It's delightful. It's home, and I have so much fun cooking, playing, gardening, creating, and cleaning. It's home. And, yes, I will go on and get all domestic.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holidays, Birthday, and Another Week

This post I'm going to have to start today and go backward.

Today I hit 33 weeks! I'm feeling really good lately... getting a little uncomfortable, but I'm still just plugging along. The gender is still a surprise, and it's getting harder to wait to find out. I have no idea if it is a boy or a girl. We went to the doctor, November 30, and we're still doing good.

Happy Birthday to me! I turned 26 yesterday! We celebrated by eating Thai food at Pho Grand. We also had ice cream at home and lounged after dinner. It was so sweet. My husband gave me a sweet card that made me cry- and a few other gifts, but he, alone, made my day special. I wouldn't want to have spent it with any other person than him.

The work week was pretty uninteresting, but Thanksgiving was great. We went to Tennessee-- picked up a whole bunch of stuff for 'baby', and hung out with my whole family. It was a pleasure to see my family and, also, a pleasure to return back home. We got the crib set up, the chifforobe ready for onezies, and we need just a few more items.

Lastly, we're prepping for CHRISTMAS! Pictures of our tree soon. Happy Holidays all!