Monday, December 6, 2010

Aw, Go On and Get All Domestic

Thinking is something I have been doing. Sometimes that is enough to get me into trouble. I think too much and over-analyze, and then where are am I? Probably worse off than I was before.... This isn't the point, though.

I appreciate my journey thus far. College was such a weird surreal experience. I didn't learn where I was most comfortable until my senior year of that 4 year blip in my life. I made my little private dorm room my own. I started cooking in our bare minimum kitchen. I remember making vegetable cream cheese for my bagels, and my first pot roast on my own. I enjoyed the process. I bought my first teapot (We still use now), and I tried my best to stop using the microwave. By the time graduation came, I was eating so very healthy-- learning alternative dishes from my vegetarian roommate. They were super flavorful and delicious.
My bedroom was my work space and my safe spot. I had the things I love surround me and remind me of the beautiful world and works around me. And, now I see how those practices that I learned that last year of college stuck.

I moved to Wyoming-- packed all my personal belongings in the back of my car and left.
I lived again in a shared dorm room. I moved from there to a shared loft (even less privacy.) After nearly a year more of this community living, I finally shared an apartment with my future-to-be husband. We lived there about 6 months. And, even though I had my safe spot-- I knew it was to change again soon. My mantra for a short time was, "Don't get too comfortable, cause once I do, I know it'll change." And, it did.
Memphis was my destination for about 3 months before leaving for a new adventure in Chile... Guess how many times I moved while I lived there? 4 times. 4 times in 3 months. Yeah, that was fun.
I moved to Chile... and back to the states 6 weeks later. That was even more fun.
Then, I found a 104 year old Century home in Dogtown, St. Louis, Missouri. It's delightful. It's home, and I have so much fun cooking, playing, gardening, creating, and cleaning. It's home. And, yes, I will go on and get all domestic.

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