Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holidays, Birthday, and Another Week

This post I'm going to have to start today and go backward.

Today I hit 33 weeks! I'm feeling really good lately... getting a little uncomfortable, but I'm still just plugging along. The gender is still a surprise, and it's getting harder to wait to find out. I have no idea if it is a boy or a girl. We went to the doctor, November 30, and we're still doing good.

Happy Birthday to me! I turned 26 yesterday! We celebrated by eating Thai food at Pho Grand. We also had ice cream at home and lounged after dinner. It was so sweet. My husband gave me a sweet card that made me cry- and a few other gifts, but he, alone, made my day special. I wouldn't want to have spent it with any other person than him.

The work week was pretty uninteresting, but Thanksgiving was great. We went to Tennessee-- picked up a whole bunch of stuff for 'baby', and hung out with my whole family. It was a pleasure to see my family and, also, a pleasure to return back home. We got the crib set up, the chifforobe ready for onezies, and we need just a few more items.

Lastly, we're prepping for CHRISTMAS! Pictures of our tree soon. Happy Holidays all!

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