Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage, Baby

Isn't she darling? I am sure this is my favorite photo so far. I love it.
She's growing so fast, and I'm loving being a mom. It has completely changed my worldview, and it's an amazing experience. I have to refer you to a friend's blog because she eloquently writes her reflections of being a mom and a wife. Her recent post of 6 months reflections is here: http://alltherestofit.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/6-months-reflections/

I was in tears reading her thoughts because her voice is so profound and true. I am so thankful for Ryan in my life, and I wouldn't change it for anything at all. The waiting part for her to come was trying, and pregnancy was not a walk in the park for me. In fact, I did not like being pregnant. I love, love, love these moments now and learning about the person she is. Of course, we will shape her and direct her, but she is already a being very, very unique.

Some things I've been working on at home:
1.Gardening. We've got violas, tulips, and miniature daffodils. Herbs are to come. I'm even going to attempt Lavender-- I am deciding on starting from seed, but it won't bloom until next year. I'm saving eggshells to correct the pH of the soil. I'm going to plant some hanging baskets of greenery today, and I'm excited about that.
2. Organizing. This is something that is challenging in our apartment. We're slowly downsizing... which is great. I acquire new things and we trade spots for old items. We removed a very large ottoman from our living room and it made a huge difference. Adam finished the baby changing table, and it's soo adoreable. L is for Lenz. Here it is:

3.Updating a found ice cream parlor table: This probably won't be completed until May. But, I found a broken Ice Cream Parlor wire table and chair set! Free! I hope to paint the metal white, and the table top and seats red. I think it will look very french. Perhaps a tea party will be in order once my dear friend, Anne, arrives back in town.
4. Exercising. Wow! How I have missed this. I did not feel like doing anything exercise wise at the near end of my pregnancy. But, I have gone for a couple of jogs recently, and boy, did I miss it. 5K in May--
5.I have some mother's day gifts in mind... I'm planning on ordering the tools for this ASAP.

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