Thursday, May 29, 2014

My 100th post

When I think about the day I started this blog, I think about Wilson, Wyoming. I was a nanny and adventuring in the wild west. I had been dating Adam for several months, and I was smitten (not to mention that he was as well.)  I lived in a little loft- sharing it with a roommate. And, I worked two jobs- Jackson Hole Mountain resort in the kids rental shop.

I had so many adventures in the mountains. I learned to hike in for skiing and downhill ski at the sickest mountain. Every night I came home smelling like formula, and Adam and I made meals after our work days. Adam lived out of his truck for months until he moved everything across the country to our apartment.

I think about in the nearly 7 years that I've been dating Adam how much fun we had and how many things I've learned. Plus, how many sweet destinations to which we've traveled together. I knew back then that Adam was special, but I probably didn't quite see that he would be my husband or the father of my children. I think it's amazing that we grew up rather close in proximity, but we had to both move almost two thousand miles away to meet each other.  To have our first dance on the Fourth of July, and to learn how wonderful love, real genuine love, can be.

I think a lot about us- and relationships, and I seemingly try to be thankful and appreciative of our blessings. My blessing in him and our daughter and, now, our future child.  We all know that every relationship takes work, but I have to say, some of my favorite moments are still just us. I get so excited for date nights, and our time just being us. It gets challenging with the daily do's to keep it husband and wife or "boyfriend and girlfriend." But, those little date nights even when we're tired to just talk and be fun are so important and special. 

I married a man with a free spirit- someone who loves to travel but also loves to work and work hard. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh.  The one thing about me- is that I am also free-spirited and I have a hard time staying stagnant, in one place. I've adjusted but the last year was so significant for me. I feel as though I can carry those hikes/places/ people with me for a while without feeling like I need to get out of Missouri. I get to be more free (with my time) now too since I work part time. That is also a significant change since I have always worked sometimes two jobs at once.

Basically, my 100th post is dedicated to Adam, my husband. He supports me in whatever endeavor or dream that I have, and he genuinely has a love for me like I've never felt.  He encourages me to go for my dreams, being a writer, and gives me the space that I enjoy to think and play and be.  We've been through hard things together, and it could be easy to dwell on the hard/difficult stuff.  I know we've had moments where it seemed insurmountable.

Either way, we kept hiking forward and through some darkness. I hope that we continue hand in hand because it's so much easier together.  There are no words for my appreciation and love for you. All I can say is that you mean so much to me and I am better with you.

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