Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's been a week...

I returned back to Wyoming from Memphis on Tuesday of this week, and boy, was that trip a whirlwind?!? I flew from SLC to PHX, from PHX to MEM. On the first leg of that flight though, I saw Zion and the Grand Canyon. It was beautiful. When I got to Memphis, it was raining... hard. I got a new haircut, which I have been desperately awaiting, and we went to my Grandmother's house. There we ate angus beef burgers with special accouterments, and strawberry shortcake!! After this, we chatted and hit the hay. It was a wonderful homecoming.
The next day, we saw my uncle's new house, and headed for my oldest family friends' home. We were going to stay there for the remainder of the weekend. Memphis in May Music Festival was in full swing, and my man, Adam, was driving down from St. Louis to meet my family, and see some good music. Boy, did we ever have such an eventful weekend.
Sunday morning, my adopted mother, as I call her... "Beverly" cooked brunch for my mom, sister, Adam, my uncle, aunt, and 2 cousins (Erin and Brooke) as well her own family ( Beverly, Paul, Hunter, and his girlfriend Jessica. She made breakfast casserole, cheese grits, popovers with strawberry butter, granola and yogurt, sweet tea and OJ.... It was sooooo good!
Adam and I said our goodbyes, and headed to my dad's house, where I showed Adam my sweet motorcycle, and VW van. He met my dad too. After this we went to Boscos for brews. Then, Downtown for O.A.R. and the Black Crowes. It was incredibly fun.

Here we are! This is right before The Black Crowes played. :) He even let me borrow his coat. What a gentlemen.

So Now, I am back to work, and looking for another job. I am thinking of serving or hostessing just because I can make good money and work pretty easy hours. Well, see and I will keep you updated.

Also, Tomorrow I am going to be adding pictures of these barrets that Beverly makes. They are handmade pieces of art. They are victorian style and amazing. Look tomorrow!

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