Monday, November 3, 2008

I forgot that

Hi! Well, Man, what a long summer. I totally need to write on this more. I love to write and this would be a great outlet for me to do so. So, here goes again for my second try. All those thing that I mentioned previously are still a very big part of my life with the exception of Wyoming. I moved back to Tennessee because Adam and I are moving to Chile. I have 3 months back in the great South, and off to the REAL south, South America. So, Here's what I have been up to though for the last couple of months:

Traveling-- Mexico, Utah, Memphis (in August).
Wyominging-- meaning, what it is that I do in Wyoming: camping at Leidy Lake (my previous spelling was incorrect.), cooking great meals, working, hiking, playing, and photographing.
Moving--- I moved back to the lovely state of Tennessee right during the height of cotton season. I guess its right that you can't ever take the country out of the girl. :)

So, for food: Last night I felt like I was right back in Jackson cooking. I made Elk burgers and easy Oreida crinkle cut french fries with vegetables. It wasn't a magificent meal, but it was good. For the Burgers (which is the only thing I really cooked.) Take regular beef hamburger meat and elk about 40:60, and season with creole seasoning, old bay, fresh ground black pepper. Mix. Add bread crumbs and mix again. Add an egg and form patties. Cook!! So wonderful with any cheese desired. :) Enjoy!

Oh, and I spent the entire weekend cleaning my new place. I am living with a girlfriend of mine, and it is an old house. I got down with the cleaning products and it seems a little more like home. Also, just another hint: the DOLLAR TREE has fabulous frames if you just look hard enough. And, Earthy is my forte! I will hope to add pictures soon. My cameras are out of commission.

Have a great day!

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