Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 1010

How amazing! This is my second week in a row writing. Wow, look at that.
Things are going well. Adam and I are in our pre-martial counseling weeks, and I'm learning a lot. We see now that we are gaining some tools for a healthy future. I am thankful for that.

So, Now. Okay, I told you that we live in St. Louis. It's a nice city. CITY. It's so much bigger than where I grew up. I never knew cities could seem like whole states. I mean, you drive through Wyoming and see as many people as you would on a bus in a city. There's traffic, people, and middle fingers. In Wyoming... trees and sage. It's so incredibly difficult to put a small town girl in a big city and adjust easily. I work about 10 miles from my house in the city, and some mornings it seems like farther. One thing that is great about the city is all the cultural events and live music. Although all the people I love to listen to in music visited us in Jhole. But, it's more often here in St. Louie. I guess I'm slow to adjust, but that's all I can do-- is keep trying.

Also, we're honeymooning in Europe. I am so excited about that. We are going to fly into Amsterdam-- head to Paris. We'll wrap it up in the French Alps skiing. Yes. Delightful.

I will be getting some pictures and things for the blog to show my little projects for my wedding. But, for now, I will leave you with a photo. An ultimate evening in St. Louis Summer.

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