Wednesday, January 13, 2010

St. Louis Life

Hi again. So, I definately haven't been a dedicated blogger. I really enjoy writing, but my life somtimes seems not conducive to writing a blog. However, maybe I will try this again. My facebook profile provides alot of bleeps into my life, but it isn't me explaining myself. All it is a montage of pictures. And pictures are great, but they seemingly don't express what words can.

Today is January 13, 2010. Wow, 7 years since I graduated high school, and nearly 4 since I graduated college. My life looks nothing like it did or I thought that it would from the day that I graduated high school. And, that's okay with me. I have seen the pure essence of life in these last years, and I love life.

So, here's what's next. I am getting married. And, I know I already wrote this previously, but I am so excited about things to come. I had my dress handmade, and it's gorgeous. My very talented art friend is doing our photos, so they will be one of a kind. My roommate from college and my sister(MOH)are bridesmaids. my niece-to-be, is the flower girl and nephew-to-be is the ring bearer.
I am a DIY bride, and we've got some good ideas. I will continue later....

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