Monday, March 1, 2010

3 weeks

20 days until I am Mrs. Adam Ryan Lenz. We've been planning our wedding and our future. We had an epiphany at our marriage counseling session about a week ago-- "If people spent as much energy in their marriage as the spent in planning their wedding, there wouldn't be any marital strife." Adam and I have had some real eye openers in our counseling. We know each other pretty well already. Thanks to almost 3 years together and 2 years living together. We're compatible, I'd say.
We've been in the counseling now since January 14. We've been dedicated to learning and openly listening to our mentors. Adam's Dad is our counselor, and our officator. He's our lifeline. The only way he would marry us is if we did counseling. We agreed whole-heartedly. So, Every Sunday we fellowship and learn. We take tests and answer questions regarding our tie. We learn that our relationship is healthy and honest.
We even had to write a mission statement. We did eloquently. I'm not going to share that here, but I am sure our counselor has big plans for this.

As of now, the boutoneirres are made. The invites are finished, mailed, and received. We're attending a bridal shower in Somerville this coming weekend. We've got pinwheels to make. And, I've got to find my perfect ring for Adam. This time is counting down.....

Linens came in last week- And, recipes are finalizing. Snickerdoodle cupcakes with 7minute frosting! Baked Pasta with Salad; french bread; and Antipasta!
My dress and accoutrements are to a T. Everything is falling in order. I'm getting excited, but I am more excited about being the wife to a good man.
All's well--- Honeymoon and vacation for 2 full weeks in the lovely Amsterdam and Paris.

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