Saturday, September 4, 2010

Half. Way. Mark.

Today, I am 20 weeks pregnant. I've thrown up... a lot. I've slept... alot. And, I've had some moody, crying, hormonal spells. I will not say that these have been the high points in the pregnancy. But, I will tell you that sharing the ultrasounds and having Adam notice my changing body for good have been very sweet and rewarding.

I've been very happy with our situation, although, maybe in comparison to others, it's not what they would do. We live modestly and very simply. We live a virtuous life.

We have a small, cute, clean apartment with plenty of room to make our little changing life work. We save our money... we won't be buying state of the art cribs or brand name clothes that the baby will grow out of in a few months. It's the fact that my husband and I will love our child... we will love each other, and we will provide the necessities and lovely toys for years to come. My husband and I will shape a life that will understand love... the greatest motivator and joy in the the whole world.


agjustice said...

We're so happy for you, Sis! We're gong to try and get up there in the next month or so (we want to take Olivia to the St Louis Zoo) and we'll HAVE to get together.

We miss you and love you guys lots. Hope the sickness wears off soon. :-)

anne said...

Beautiful. I love how you both live!

"I see skies of blue and clouds of white, bright blessed days, dark sacred nights... And I think to myself, what a wonderful world."