Monday, July 18, 2011

Making My Way to New Goals:

I know, I know. I owe myself a little slack for not blogging, but I have been busy! I recently made an overhaul to my life.
I deactivated my facebook account. This probably isn’t forever. It is amazing how I spend little bleeps during the day looking at all of my friends’ lives, yet I would not say I’m obsessed with the good ol’ FB. However, I would say that I’m on hiatus. I’ve enjoyed the last week not being on facebook and using a bit of self-control to not visiting the site. I am putting an emphasis on my daily life, and using that time to simplify my life.

It’s been several weeks since I deactivated, and I love it. One thing to note, however, is I’ve been looking at jobs- and quite a few ask for the proficiency in social networking sites…. I won’t be applying to those.
I still love that I’m not looking at everybody or wondering what that family is doing. It’s a nice, nice change of pace.

Also, I am running a 5k in 10 days. I ran 2.4 miles yesterday, so .7 miles to go!! Look at that! I’m so happy about it. I feel fit, and I’m still working on the baby weight- at a healthy rate. But, how awesome is it that I can run 3.1 miles 5 months after giving birth!?!? And, also breastfeeding! I’m kicking butt and taking names.

Running the 5K Sunday! In 2 days! I’m so pumped! I can do this if it’s not 100 degrees outside. I’m feeling so great. I’m so thankful for good health, and I’m getting this baby weight off! Run, baby, run! I just can’t wait to have it over and see my sweet husband and my baby at the end of the race. It’ll be so memorable.

We’re well! No sickness at our house anymore! It’s great. We’re all up for fun- and we’re just trying to get through summer! Summer is not my favorite time in St. Louis or Memphis, but it was in Wyoming. It’s hot!

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