Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where have I been?


I must admit that I have slacked. Life with a baby is different and fun. The first year was interesting and a learning experience. I just now recently decided that I have adjusted to this new way of life.
It's spring in Saint Louis (with the exception of today.), and I am incredibly proud of my yard. It's blooming with buttercups, tulips, and hyacinths. Plus, the back yard has a patio, and it is becoming a home. Ryan's loving it too!

So, we've been playing outside going to parades (Soulard Dog Parade and St. Patty's Day in Dogtown.) and going to our closest park, Franz. Ryan and I have had our first experience without husband and Daddy. He left back in February for 17 days to go work. It was rough.

I tell you what. Those moms that do all of this on their own are to be lifted up and appreciated. I am glad my experience with the single working parent lifestyle is only on occasion. We get into our own groove, but it's harder providing all the care a little one needs. And, I can't imagine two babies right now.

Lastly, our anniversary was 2 days ago! It's been two years. And, what an amazing life! We have been so blessed, and we are truly fortunate. I appreciate all the days that are memorable, and how Ryan is becoming such a loving little girl.

Hope this is a happy update! Happy Spring!

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