Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our little secret!

We bought a house! We no longer live in a historic century home in dogtown! Nope. We do still live in Dogtown, but we've traded it in for a our big brick cottage in the city! Here it is!

And, NO! It's not for sale! We've already made some huge changes. There was acoustic ceiling in the living area, kitchen, and hallway and bathroom downstairs. We also took out that hideous a/c unit in the front window. The red has got to go, but all in due time. We had the front of the house tuckpointed, and it's looking less retro and more stately as we spe
ak. I'm in love.

The last couple of weeks have been busy with moving and setting up the upstairs for our main habitation area. Our master bedroom is huge! 18x12. And here's some before and afters....

We have a great picture window in our master bedroom that overlooks a lot of trees and in the winter we'll be able to see the Saint Louis skyline with the arch. It's a little diamond in the rough.
Ryan's room is the most changed, and I'll have to get some final pictures of that, but it's cute, cute. Painted Piglet pink with a white chair rail, and whimsical with a vintage birdcage in the corner.

So, here's to living in our own home! No neighbors and no late night clothes washing. I'm so thankful!!

Ryan's 9 months now, and she's so fun. I'm thankful for everyday that I get to spend with her, and she's a true blessing. I love her.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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