Thursday, April 26, 2012


This is just a montage of the last couple of months. It's a wonderful life.

The next post from me will be about Missouri Wineries... Doesn't that seems like a oxymoron? 121 wineries in Missouri, and I'll divulge my experience in the near future.

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I'm sorry I've been gone a month again.

! Earth day!

We tried 5 wines, and came home with 5 herbs. We had food at each stop, and I've recreated those at home. There are 125 wineries in Missouri, and they are beautiful. It's not California, but it's close. (We were inspired by this trip, and we've got a project going at home.) Try Ste. Genevieve for  good recipes and a wonderful little town off 1-55.

Also, we had artisan cheese from Baejte Farms in Bloomsdale, MO. Try their Bloomsdale (aged) goat cheese. It's delicious!

If you  enjoy wine, take a day to explore your local wineries.

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