Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A catcher-upper

Well, Summer is finally over. I'm not a fan. at. all. Summer is too hot, and too busy.

I have accompished several things this hottest summer on record. I've also battles allergies and sickness. I took a trip to the ER diagnosed with headaches (Is that possible?) I have been on more antibiotics than I've ever ingested in my life total. But, I'm better! I take a daily dose of claritin, and I'm pretty much good until the next morning.

Let me tell you about my summer! Since spring time, I've learned how to be a single working mother, and let me tell you! It's not easy. I'm so thankful the moment when my husband returns, and he gets to see his daughter's smiling face. It's hard to talk while he's out of town simply because our lives are so busy. He's working for the betterment of our family, and I work, too. So, this is a small part of how our summer went- I was mommy and daddy, and we had lots of conversations over the phone, but we also had super sweet moments and wonderful memories made!

1. We made a home brew. I can't tell you all about it because we'll be sharing it with some special people soon.
2. We rode bikes almost everyday to the pool in 108 degree weather. The pool is right off of historic Route 66, in fact, I live 100 yards from Route 66.
3. We had special visitors from our past visit and we saw a new and happening band, Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three.
4. We finished our living room!! This is huge!!
5. Ryan and I went on several hikes. (Cuivre River, Laumeier Sculpture Park to name a couple)
6. We took two trips to Arkansas. (a third is happening this month.) Kia Kima.
7. I have read The Devils Picnic, Alice in Wonderland, A Heart-breaking Work of Staggering Genius, Joe, The Little Prince, and I'm currently reading Life of Pi.
8. We went camping/canoeing at Randolph Lake, IL.
9. Adam and I had some date nights! I make recommendations to several restaurants in the St. Louis area.
10. Music has been back in my life recently in full swing; and I love it!
11. Finger painting is so fun with a one year old.
12. Mother's Day was a french success this year! It's the holiday I host and love the most. Our menu follows: Boulliabaise with spicy rouille, Salad with Herbs de fines dressing, champagne and truffles, and vidal blanc aux tarragon.
13. Cooking is still one of my loves, and I'd like to really shine those meals and times with you.
14. We always have a project, and we've also made these things this year: Repurposed oak cask barrel rocking horse, refinished a metal lantern, fixed a wicker loveseat, refinished a found ice cream parlor set, and gardened!
15. 3 out of 6 of my herbs survived the summer: basil, tarragon, and thyme (they are my favorite, too).
16. I have a complete list of recipes of made things that I'll address later.

Anyway, it was a successful busy summer. Fall is my favorite time of year. And, I'm loving the weather lately. (Now, I just wish I didn't have seasonal allergies.)

This is my listing post! I have a list of things to do for fall and winter! And, I'll get to that shortly, perhaps a next post very, very, soon. I'll leave you with a few photos from our wonderful summer!

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