Saturday, January 22, 2011

40 weeks

Oh, yeah! We made it! But, baby is not here.
It's been an interesting week.

I worked this week, but I did have a bad day. I went to the Women's Evaluation Unit on Thursday. I was not feeling well at all. It was early Thursday, and I was already swollen. My hands and feet and legs. I had a headache already, and I was having on and off blurry vision. Not cool. They checked me out, but at the time it was kind of scary. I just didn't feel well. No signs of pre-eclampsia- but, boy, did I feel rough.

So, today is my due date. I'm looking at it right in the face, and I'm going to pass it. I'm sure. When they checked me on Thursday, I was still 1cm dilated, and 50% effaced. Ultimately, the plan is Tuesday if I haven't gone into labor, Wednesday they will induce. I'm scared about it, but I'm sure all will go well. I have faith in my doctor, and I know the hospital is number one in maternity services. Adam will be there, and family not too far away.

Yesterday was my last day at work-- that is for my maternity leave. I feel like a huge weight is lifted off of my shoulders. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, and I'm going to enjoy this weekend thoroughly. We had a celebratory meal last night that was out-of-this-world fantastic. I hadn't had my serving of fish this week, so I decided salmon was the way to go.

I made a sweet coconut rice infused with basil, mint, and lime first. I put the herbs in the coconut milk to sit for about 45 minutes. I'd like to let it go longer, but the longer I stand the harder it gets to walk. So, I started with that. We went to the market, and I bought 10oz of farm raised salmon (I'd rather have wild, but it wasn't at Schnuck's.) It didn't smell fishy-- a good sign. I also bought:

1. Panko bread crumbs.
2. plum sauce (AKA duck sauce.)
3. green onions (scallions).
4. spring salad mix.
5. Asian vingarette.
6. lite coconut milk.

The coconut rice was started. I placed the fish on a broiler pan with aluminum foil and basted the salmon with the plum sauce. It sat for about 25 minutes, too, just resting and soaking up the sweet, tangy flavor of the sauce. I preheated the oven to broil. I made sautéed cabbage with carrots and four peppercorn pepper. Cut the cabbage as thin as possible, and heat in cast iron pan with canola oil. It turns out so flavorful and good.
Back to the Salmon:
The sauce had slipped off the filets, so I spooned it back on. I topped the sauce with scallions and panko break crumbs-- placed the filets in the oven for 10 minutes.
The spring mix salad was tossed with the Asian vinaigrette and added grated garlic and mint.

I enjoyed the meal. It was a perfect meal to celebrate with my husband. We rented some movies, and stayed in. Here's to my growing family!


Broiled Asian Salmon with Plum Sauce
Basil and Mint-Infused Coconut rice
Sautéed Cabbage with 4 peppercorns
A Spring Salad mix with Asian Vinaigrette.