Thursday, September 12, 2013

A sweet memory

I write a lot. I use my journal. I type things here. I spend a lot of time in my head, and most of the time that's good. I have an awesome memory. I hardly ever forget the good moments, and I try really hard to forget the ones that were less than desirable.

Saying that, I was driving somewhere recently, and a memory of my husband and his friends when I first met popped in my head. I know a country song was playing, and the words went something like, "I wanna write you a song." I thought about that  in my life, and this memory came upon me. It surrounded me and over took me. I simply had forgotten this moment when Adam WROTE and SANG me a song.  God love my husband, he's got a different kind of voice. But, it was so romantic.

I'll tell you the who's, what, where, and when.

It was the first summer we met. We'd been hanging out for a few weeks. We had probably just became boyfriend and girlfriend. I didn't cook at that time much because I was the guest at the house where he resided at the time. He lived with two buddies, Noah and Mush. So, a typical evening at the tan house (lava mountain lodge) included dinner, cleaning up, and Adam making cookies. I usually picked up dish duty, as I should, for the boys making food.  This particular night was a little different.

Music was often playing around. There were guitars and one of those bongo drums around the house. A harmonica wasn't hard to come across... It wasn't unusual for someone to be playing some type of musical instrument at any moment.

I was cleaning and one by one the boys started playing these said instruments, and soon after, Adam serenaded me with a song in his own flavor. A song that I couldn't ever forget... but, did.
I should write out the lyrics and try to attempt the rhythm, but how do you portray this image in my mind? They had set this stage. This one moment in time, one night in Wyoming. And, Adam sang.

Well, my baby called me up
She said, I'm comin' down tonight.
I said, well, come over baby,
I'm gonna make it right tonight.

Cause she's my baby,

She's my honey.

She's my girl.

And, there were more lyrics, and Adam definitely has them written somewhere.
I was blushing. I felt so special. I'd never been treated with such a fantastic gesture. It wasn't one of those things that happen any more to a girl. It's like one of those scenes in a movie that we all secretly wish still did. It was so unplanned, but it was perfect.

Does that make you smile? A little romantic gesture. Let me tell you. That is something that I love about my sweet husband. I sure am thankful for God blessing me with a husband that loves me. And, I'm so thankful for the time that we had to get to know one another.

I decided that I should write about this. In case someone is a hopeless romantic and smiles about sweet nothings like this.