Saturday, September 7, 2013

Things don't go my way

Things can get difficult sometimes, huh? What is the best way to fuel this issue we have as humans? Our mouths. I am quite concerned about what I say or don't say most of the time. I'm very happy when I don't have to speak. And, I'm often overly conscious about what I should or shouldn't say. Why are our mouths in so much control instead of our brains. Why do we fly off? Why must we constantly keep our mouths in check?

Probably because what we say can be so hurtful and so foul. It's a devils workshop if you ask me. I am pretty sensitive. I work hard at using encouraging words and I also have a "sponge" for a daughter. She hears everything. And, we have to always be conscientious about that.

Ultimately, I don't always effectively control my mouth or my words, and sometimes, I hurt others. It's a flaw, but know that I am constantly trying to correct this muscle of mine that seems to be out of control periodically.

A harsh word stirs up anger... Anybody ever heard of that? Man. It's a killer.

The zoo was nice today though, and Ryan and I saw the new Sea Lion Sound! It's incredible. The tunnel walk goes under water allow you to see the sea lions swimming above! The tunnel is so cool! I loved it probably more than Ryan did.


I've had my creative juices flowing a bit lately, and I'm looking for 2 long term projects to do that require few tools. I made that painting last week, but I'm in the need for a muse for my next painting project. I'm a watercolor fanatic. I'd like to try some flowers or animals again. Any suggestions?

Also, I'm interested in Finger weaving/Finger crocheting. I'd love to make a huge blanket out of extra large yarn. Does anyone have suggestions on where to start? I'm going to youtube it later.

I would also like a pair of leg warmers, extra long/thigh high so to scrunch down for camping. I'm not don't knit or crochet, so I'm always looking for assistance.

My palate is bored right now with food. And, that is so terribly unusual for me. I'm under a spell... I guess from that stomach bug- things just aren't back to normal.


We went to Art Outside last night and heard some amazing bluegrass homegrown right here near St. Louis in Belleville, Il.  Check out the song, Where I stand by Old Salt Union. Youtube it, right now, You'll love it!

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