Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life as I knew it.

My life now looks nothing like it did 2 years ago.

This time of the year, 2 years ago, I was living in Chile. I was making beer, wine, and whiskey in South America. I was learning spanish by speaking it and living it. We would be selling the product to the Chileans, and I would ask, "Cerveza y whiskey?" or "Vodka Kooler con pomelo o lemon?"
Back then, I was wondering if Adam would want me in his life forever. And, I was eating and preparing food that came to us from our garden or the neighbors gardens. I loved that I could ride the bike to town and call my parents, or ride to go pick figs down the street by the river. I loved NOT driving- looking at the Andes Mountains everyday-- and vacationing to Pichilemu.

Now, family is the most important thing. Obviously. We live in the city. And, although we do go camping and hiking A LOT, the
music scene probably tops the list. I've learned that living in a new place, you trade in old things that you love to do for new things one discovers that they love.

In Memphis, I loved the fact that I knew all the little places that I enjoyed to snack or hang out.
In Jackson, I loved that when I walked out any door, nature was right there. Even when I lived in an apartment complex, I could take my inflated tube and tube down Flat Creek. (And, yes, I did that.)
In Requegua, I loved being close to the earth. I worked the earth...I walked the earth. We made a bamboo room.
In St. Louis, I love being cultured. I have seen SO much music here. Carolina Chocolate Drops, Yonder, Gov't Mule, the Avett Brothers, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Jake's Leg. I just keep learning, too.

Also, we have a baby! And, here's some new photos:

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Julie said...

She is beautiful!
I agree about moving around and trading old things you love for new. Glad your loving St. Louis!