Sunday, February 20, 2011

List of Things

1. Sunday Funday! We went to Forest Park today. The weather has been so delightfully wonderful! We decided to go for a walk with Ryan, and we used our hands free carrier. She loved it. Adam and I have both said on several occasions that we need a kite. This is on my list.

2. We went thrifting today-- too. And, I bought her first dress. It has a cherry on it, and it's 3-6 months. I am so excited to see her in it. I also found some children's books at the store, too. (I collect Children's books, and these were in my elementary library.) I loved them... do you remember Mr. Messy, or Mr. Lazy? check this out:
Even Adam remembered them! I am so excited to add these $.30 books to my collection.

3. I want a kaleidoscope.... I love those things.

4. My friends are visiting this week and I am so excited. Both, Noah and Anne, will be here for one day only. Thursday. I'm making homemade cranberry, walnut, and lemon scones and a breakfast dish. Also, that evening we're having smoky fondue! (it turned out great.)

5. Adam and I are building our own baby changing station... I do the painting--- Adam does the routering, cutting, jigsawing, etc.... I think it will last through all of our children. Photos... upon completion.

6. Ryan is a month old... as of yesterday! I can't believe it.

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