Saturday, July 27, 2013

High Five, Des Moines

Wow, what a Farmer's Market! This thing is huge, and they have everything organic... beef, chicken, jerky, veggies, honey, take n eat food... It's sweet! Even the flowers were amazing. The flowers were 50 cents a bloom, and they looked picked right out of the garden- native, indigenious flowers... none of those flowers that are forced.

Ryan and I got there right at the stroke of 10am, and it was booming. The radio had a van playing music, and on every other corner there was a musical venue. I have never seen anything like it. And, I thought Soulard was like the best... well, I must say, it's different. It has it's own flair. But, genuine farmer's bringing their stuff every Saturday from all over the state. THIS is a farmer's market.

It's on Court Avenue where we were for the Ragbrai, starting at the bridge and headed all the way west to the court house. To give you an idea, it's 2 football fields at least with each side street swarming too. We had a blast. Steel Drums, Country Music, Jazz, Oldies, and lots of family friendly draw. One of the bands had musical instruments for the kids to play along. Others had hula hoops to hoop. We had organic lemonade from a wheatgrass stand, and we saw some hand dyed tablecloths next door. Ryan made friends with lots of dogs around the way, and I enjoyed people watching.

Organic Root Beer sold by the growler, I think so! Free Cantaloupe for haggling over 4 bucks per cantaloupe. I think so too! One dollar for 2 peaches so sweet we had to enjoy them there, yeah, buddy! And, homegrown cucumber for 75 cents... of course!

I would have bought more, but the cantaloupe took up most of the room in my bag, so we moved on. Besides I somewhat felt like I was cheating on my home Market. Soulard is where we buy essential oils, some of the best chestnuts, organic herbs, and other sundries. The only thing that they don't have which now after seeing I wish they did- organic meat.... It looked good!

Ryan and I went without Daddy, but we're going to the Italian Festival tonight. Yum! I'm going to have to find myself some Tiramisu for sure. Or Affogado. Bike Ride in Grey's Park as a family prior... I have to say, Des Moines has it going on! Active, informed, outside-lovers... I saw a shirt today that claimed it the Greatest City in the World.... I'll be contemplating on that.

High Five, Des Moines!

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