Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On the Hunt

I stayed up too late last night. We slept in until 9 am, and we didn't find our Farmer's Market this morning. But, instead we did find another sculpture park. I'm fascinated by sculpture. It's so mind boggling how people think up these 3 dimensional structures and actually make them.

We saw the letter person sculpture today. I don't know it's official name yet. We also saw these two horses made from drift wood, and they look so real. They have definition... almost like skeletal structures. I was intrigued. The weather has been perfect here- 81 degrees today with beautiful blue skies.

Speaking of the weather here, we went to an awesome event that I had never heard of until we arrived here. Ragbrai. What ever it means, I have no clue! But, it's a bunch of spandex wearing bicyclists cycling across Iowa.... for days.  Partying every night and riding everyday. And, last night in Des Moines on a bridge, no less, they listened to some seriously 90s bands. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was just an incredible reason to hangout outdoors, listening to some music, and watch some crazy bicyclist walk around drinking in their spandex.  Des Moines looks good in spandex... ha.

Either way, our daughter is a music lover, and we all danced. Can you think of some popular Live and Everclear songs? They are great lyrical songs. I miss that. Kinda sad, alternative, dark, rock n roll. Took me wayy back to 8th grade. Bands like Soundgarden, the Cranberries, Train, yeah... they all were awesome back in the day.  (And still are!) Oh well... I guess I'm getting older.  (not old, that is.)

Also, on a even more outstanding note... Did you see that Full Moon last night? The Full Moon rose right over the stage, and it was so big a bright. It brought a whole new level to being outside with perfect weather. Ryan has a new saying too, and she came up with it all on her own.

"I'm going to take my horse, go up to the moon, put in my pocket, take it home, and show it to my Daddy and Mommy." She's in this stage where she likes making up stories, and this story is my favorite.

I have to say- Des Moines is pretty sweet in the middle of the summer, especially if the weather is moderate like it has been. And free live music that I know... Bonus!

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