Monday, July 22, 2013

Two Posts in the Making

My husband had a birthday while we were on the road, and I wanted to make it special since we were away from family. He always gets plenty of phone calls and still feels loved, but birthdays are a big thing for our family.

So, we were leaving Worthington to go camping, so I made a decision to celebrate it a bit early- that, and I really don't know what date it is ever anymore. (I love that.) I knew I couldn't make a cake. I knew I already bought his gift... but birthdays just aren't the same without a cake. I decided that I would turn to pinterest. And, it was a good decision.

We made it a family event, and I bought all the ingredients to make those oreo truffle balls. I even bought sprinkles for it. And, Ryan, Adam and I made chocolate oreo truffles. I tempered the chocolate in the  microwave. We made the smashed oreos in a ziplock bag, and mixed the cream cheese with it in one of those ice bags. Great idea! Adam loved rolling the balls, and I had a really hard time covering the balls with the melted chocolate. But, it still worked, and they were a perfect birthday treat!

Ryan and I used dry erase markers to write birthday notes on the mirrors, and we sang Happy Birthday. And, his gift!! Those devil sticks that Cirque du Soliel have.... yeah, Adam can do that. He has an old set, so we upgraded him to the better, bigger set. And, he loves to use them while camping. He was thrilled.

So, we made a birthday out of town special. It was a fabulous day, and my sweet husband turned a year older. Although, he looks young already. For us, age is just a number.

Do you have ideas on what to do for birthdays? especially when you can't do the normal things? I think we made it special.

What do you think about those oreo balls? Any suggestions on how to make them better? I used regular oreos, cream cheese, and semisweet chocolate.  Any better ingredients? Any better mixes?

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