Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A very wise friend would say: "Your family is where you came from, your home is where you came from, but it's all about where you go." And as I grow up, it rings true.I do love my home- its southern. There's the people who'll always know your name. And those people who never forget you, no matter how long you are gone. It's always home, and this time around it is refreshing.

 I can get pretty nostalagic- the road I drove home during my high school years looks exactly the same. The back yard at my house is lush and green. The fields high with corn remind me of what summer really looks like. It even makes me want to walk down to the lagoon near the country club to go swim. A childhood friend of mine that passed spent many hours there. The trees are oak and big. The warm winds blow and never cool off. It's cliche to say that the tea is sweet, and the people are sweeter. It just never leaves me, and I carry pieces of my home with.        me where ever I go. I love it- to be southern is to be blessed. Blessed in social graces of yes ma'ams- blessed in the gift of hospitality- and blessed in the thought of living close to the Earth. Now I can't say that midwesterners or coast dwellers don't have the same feeling, but I know we do it with flair. It's just that talk- the twang and the slow speed. I just love it. It makes me miss my accent cause it's faded a bit. I hope it returns with this visit. Have you seen big rolled hay bales? Oh man. I have a weakness for them. And open air churches? And old barns?

 I'm home.

We went for a drive today- listlessly for once. We drove down Raleigh-LaGrange road. It's beautiful. Big white stately homes line the road. Farm land abundant. We drove to LaGrange which holds a special place in my heart. My granddaddy is buried at the cemetery there. It's been a long time since I'd driven through but we did today. It's so old and unique. It's also an official arboretum. Trees so big around and loving the good untouched soil. It was a nice spot to remember him- especially since I recently wrote of him and it was published in the 2013 National Field Trial Review.

So I came full circle- I see it. I've been traveling a good while now and it always means more when you have family to love. Remember your home and keep carrying on.

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