Sunday, June 9, 2013

Missing Friends and Family

It's wonderful for my little family unit to be together all the time, and we're tight. It's the longest period of time we've all being together in months. And, we've dealt with major life changes, hesitation, and the unknown.

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful blended family from our marriage. Adam's family is big and wonderful! We often ask for advice and help. We mull things over with his parents, sisters, and brother.  We also get a perspective from my parents, and they are usually pretty different from what we've heard; however, they usually aren't conflicting ideas. That's gives us a lot to think about, and it gives us a great ability to make an educated decision, too. I think it would be difficult if both sides had an opinion that were conflicting.  Our family sets interact well together, and that's amazing really.

When we were doing our premarital counseling, we learned how often in-laws become "out-laws." It would be a pretty challenging relationship because there would be drama. And, I, for one, am so thankful that we have caring, interested, helpful family members on both sides.

So, my point. When we decided to take this traveling gig, a lot happened quickly.  We had another scenario offered to Adam in October/November of last year, and we tried to work it all out. It obviously did not, but we talked to everyone. We got lots of ideas, and I really didn't feel comfortable yet about things. A few unsaid things just gave me the intuition to stay put for a while longer.

When this opportunity came along, it was from the same person for whom Adam had been working. We had just been to Buffalo, and we had a brief interaction. It was a positive one. With in a day of Adam taking his new offer, I had put in my two weeks notice at work. And, plans just started falling into place.

We talked to my family, and we got affirmation again to go for it. Then, everything with our house, our money, our new situation just fell into place. God had his hand in it. We had no real problems with the change. Everyone was sad that we would be out of town for a while, but they understood that we needed to be together.

Then, I think about the future. I think about my "career" and how this break in my work history will look. Adam questions his future with his company in St. Louis, and how he will maintain relationships and connections for work. It's a very scary thing to look to the future after this wonderful experience.  We know that this isn't the traditional American lifestyle. Most people want a house and a car and to grow in their work.... We do too, and we have those things! However, I'm a traveler, and I can't help it.

I know lots of people who travel and are often away from their families and friends. And, I'm feeling that. I miss my girlfriends, and I do miss the dinner parties and friends that are back home. I also miss our sweet family and how often we see them. We missed a few big family events, and that isn't something we planned. I have been so fortunate for my dearest friend to move back to St. Louis, and for 10 months we got to play together. A friend from college was travelling with her family, and she's now back in St. Louis too with her children.... then, we leave. I know it's part of life and they will still be there- it's just a reminder that life is always changing.

Change can be really difficult with to deal. One thing that I have learned while being with Adam-- that I really didn't know before is that change is constant. In Tennessee, life was pretty steady. Things started changing a great deal after I left for college.  Once I lived in Wyoming, I learned that as soon as I felt comfortable, things were about to change big time.... and they did. Every time.

I left work at Signal Mountain, and got an apartment. I lived in a loft with another person-- smaller than a dorm room. Adam stayed there sometimes. I had no privacy at all. I worked at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and then I moved to nannying. Soon, I moved apartments again.  Adam and I got comfortable there, and then, he decided to go to Chile. I moved to TN. I applied for a job in Chile. I got it. I moved to Chile. I would settle in and finally get comfortable, then we'd leave. We lived in IL, and then, moved to St. Louis.  We settled for the longest thus far-- 4 years. But, then, again, we moved once while there when we bought our house. And, then, we left it. It's still belongs to us, but someone else is staying there. It's home and I miss it. But, I miss our friends and family most.

The mountain are calling, and I must go.  - John Muir  (And I did.)

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Lou Lenz said...

Adam & Brit, love, love, love the pics, videos (on facebook) and Britain, your musings. I wouldn't get too hung up on "what next?" Enjoy this season . . . all the wonderful family time you are enjoying, the awesome sights you are seeing, the memories you are creating. There may be a significant "self discovery" just around the bend that will set the stage for the nest act. papa lou