Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cowgirl Boots

I inherited a pair of boots from my mom, and they are now really old. They've been to Chile, to Europe, around the United States a couple of times, and they are some of my favorite daily wear. In St. Louis, I'd get looks for wearing them, but I'm from Good Ol' Somerville, Tennessee, and I just can't bear to part with them. I have two other pair, but there's nothing like those- I've had them since I was 16 years old, and I've had them resoled at least once.

My husband got a pair of boots a few years ago from his family for Christmas, and he wasn't really keen on the idea of wearing them. When we lived in Jackson, I tried desperately a couple of times to invest in a pair for him to no avail. Well, let me tell you what--- he has worn the pair that he finally recieved out. He's worn them around everywhere too. When I first met Adam, he wasn't really opposed to cowboy boots, he just wasn't ready to embrace his love of the boot. With help, my sister in laws got him really feeling how wonderful they are. And, now, I can't really get him to wear much of anything else. He says, "They just feel so good on my feet. I love 'em."

Yeah, baby, I know. They are the most amazing footwear, and for that reason, they aren't going out of style for me anytime soon.

On our way through Wyoming, we bought Ryan a pair of pink boots. I was bummed that they were out of the red style in her size. But, she's just as attached to her boots already-- just like we are. We bought them at one of the lovely Co-ops that have gas, food, farm materials, etc. Just like in my hometown--- I miss that.

So, our little girl has a pair of her own boots, and now, we're all in style.

Update on a past post:
In regards to a last post, about climbing to Louise Lake, we have been talking to the locals, and we climbed a mountain. We climbed to the top of Whiskey mountain, and it was 3000 feet up. They (the locals) were pretty darn impressed that some city slickers like us made it to the top. And, we, being uneducated, didn't know until yesterday that we'd topped it. Wow.

So, We've made it to the top of a mountain, We hiked to Leidy. We're taking it easy today--- and I'm planning on making a nice dinner.

More later... I promise.

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