Monday, June 17, 2013

Walking in Memphis

It's been a long week. It's been a great one though.
We left Jamestown, ND and camped in Iowa. We camped out in 78 degree weather, watched a glorious sunset... slept under huge ancient Aspens. We flew our kite by sunset- we ate steak by candlelight. We had another lovely camping spot at Lewis and Clark State Park.  It was a clear night so we star gazed with Ryan on a blanket, and told stories about mythology. It was pretty memorable.

Then, we made it to St. Louis. We saw our house really quickly. Adam and I had a sushi date, and after a month of being away- we left again. Ryan and I are in Tennessee and we're loving it. We had fathers day with my dad, and we called sweet daddy Adam in Texarkana. It's hard to be away, but it will be a good reunion.

Ryan and I have been swimming and we've seen my side of the family. We had a cookout and I made asparagus "green machine" risotto. It was pretty good. We saw my cousins and my uncle... some dear close friends and we fellowshiped as good friends do.

It's raining today, so we've read lots of stories: Miss Rumphius which is now one of my very favorite and Three Billy Goats Gruff. And the poem Wykin, Blyinkin, and Nod.

We have had some good family time, and I'm hoping we work out our plans for the next week. It'll be good either way.

Here's a quick update... sorry there's not more exciting yet!


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