Friday, May 31, 2013

Want to hear something different?

Well, I ain't got much for ya!

Sorry, we didn't go canoeing in the Winds.... we did something better. Much better. We went to Leidy Lake, and the road wasn't open. Yes, we hiked in!.. We got all the way back in the van except for a mile and one half. We hiked from there, and the view was totally worth it.There was turquoise water, flowers sprouting, and snow surrounding the lake. It was magical. It reminded me of my first visit there. Except, maybe, it was better.

My little family loved it. I hadn't been there since the day I was engaged, and I tell you what, it's still pristine-- untouched. We were probably the first people (yeah, buddy, the 1st!) to see it this year. I could not not go, even though the roads from Togwotee are snowed in fully. We had to finish the drive, all the way, no stopping. We made the hike. We fished, and we sat in the sun... we didn't camp. It's definitely too cold. Snow on the ground...chilly wind... yes... we still saw it, and we still loved it.

We drove a  great distance today, but we saw the Tetons today! And, Leidy! It was a very pleasant surprise since everyone we talked to said it was all the way snowed in. That wasn't the truth! I saw it with my own two eyes. Today.

I did get a little emotional during our visit. It's a place that I just can't forget. It's overwhelming with memories  and lovely times, lovely moments, moments of realization that I was in love. I slept there. I ate there.I drank there. I hiked there. I did many other unspeakable wonderful things there.

I cried for a minute on the walk back. I was overwhielmed by the feeling of God's love and happiness. I was overwhelmed by leaving this place again. I know I will do it again and again. I can't help but know it will be there forever, but I can't help but feel attached. I cry because I love it, but the beauty and the past just over take me.

Do you have something that you love, and it makes you feel sad and glad at the same time? Man, that's a crazy feeling. It's good, bad, lovely, sad, happy, bad.... it's everything! I guess that's love. But, more so it just reminded me of a time that I made the most of, and fell in love. It's just happy.

" La La La, I'm singing, La La La, I'm so happy I was singing La La La"-- Pokey LaFarge and The South City Three

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