Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hotel Camping

My husband asked me yesterday, "what are you going to write about when we're not traveling? Will you still write?"

I said, "I'll write about all the things we do at home too. Our home is in the middle of remodel... I'm sure that's something that I can write about... especially how we interact and how our relationship works when we have a project...  I'm sure there's still plenty to write about even though we're not traveling."

I brainstormed a little bit today about that, and I figured what the hey, I'll tell you about a simple day here in the hotel room. I will tell you about day that we can't really go hike or outside and play. A lot of planning has to go into planning our cooking here. Here are my tools:

1. electric skillet
2. crock pot.
3. microwave that's available in the lobby.
4. mini fridge.
5. cutting board and knife.
6. salt and pepper and a few bottled spices.

That's it in a nutshell.  I have to be pretty creative with what I make. I have high standards for myself when it comes to cooking food. I especially like savory flavors, so I'm not all about mushy, unsatisfying  fill your belly food. I'm a snob. I can't help it.

I wrote what I had been cooking last week.  This week has been a bit different since Adam has been working late, but I still have made a few meals.

One thing I do before or at the grocery is think about 5 or less ingredients. I also look in our dry crate (bread, dried fruit, crackers, olive oil, worcheshire sauce, nuts) to see what's something I can use. Then I decide what is healthy and what are we lacking in most. We always have fruit, and we eat 4-5 pieces a day

Monday: Whole Wheat Pasta Carbonara (bacon, yes!) with Mushrooms, Edamame, and Caramelized Onions.  Yes, I boiled noodles and I fried a pound of bacon in an electric skillet....  Holy bacon! And, I didn't eat much of it, but my husband and daughter LOVE bacon.

Tuesday: I made my own rendition of Apricot Chicken (thighs) in the crock pot. It had raisins, apricots, onions, herbs, and a hint lemon. Adam gave it a ten, and I served it with green beans and rice. A TEN! Ryan also inhaled the chicken--- so moist and flavorful.

Wednesday: It's leftover night. I guess that's a way that we can be thrifty. I'll admit that I'm not a fan of leftovers, but it will allow us to eat out tomorrow night.

The cooking is a process, and I do have to put a little thought into the order in which I should prepare things, so that the food doesn't get cold or I can let something sit out while I'm preparing another part in the same skillet.  I have learned that simple flavors are sometimes the most outstanding. Lemon can really heighten flavors. I use it at home too, but I happen to like lemon.

Another good tip is that if you are going to cook something, make enough for leftovers.... like that pound of bacon... BLTs, baby. Or breakfast. Or in a salad.  I know bacon gets a bad wrap, but it really has some amazing flavors. Also, the italians use pancetta and no one complains about that. I'm up for using it.  Besides, as long as it's in moderation, I think its okay. And, I'm southern, so there ya go!

What do you think about my hotel cooking? Any one interested in recipes? I thought about taking a picture last night, but then I over thought it, and I didn't.  Are you interested in seeing the process? Do you imagine what the room smells like??  Ha! I keep a spray container of Febreze for that reason. And, I clean up immediately after cooking- empty garbage cans.  I do my own housekeeping most days unless I need something particularly.   That comes from my days from being a housekeeper. It's just rude to leave nasty stuff for them.. totally Unacceptable.

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Slap Dash Mom said...

I think I would die if I had to camp. Ever.

And the food sounded good... minus the bacon! ;)