Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hail a lujah!

We've been camping for the last two days, and I was packing for our next move. I'm sorry about my short absence.

We went camping in Wyoming instead of Montana though. And, guess what? It's cold. Ten minutes after we arrived, we were in a hail storm. Yes, A hail storm.

We found Sibley Lake in the Bighorn National Forest. It's really remote. It's at about 8,000 feet altitude too. When we arrived, it was about 6 in the evening. There were some other RVers, but no campers that we saw that night.

The water was beautiful. The trees were plentiful. Every.where. It's been a very long time since I have seen that many evergreen trees at once. My eyes were mesmerized.

We found our spot, and it was close to the lake, but on top of a nice hill. We could hear the water rushing around us, and we explored after we feared the first (yes, first) hail storm. There was a lean-to at our camping spot, and it was made of trees and black plastic. Thank the Lord for the person who left that there. It was a life saver, and it wasn't planned. The tent fit perfectly under it, and some other items as well.  We waited for the storm to clear, as it always does, and we made dinner.

IT WAS COLD! My feet were cold. And, We snuggled Ryan in to each of our sleeping bags. We had to adjust, and Ryan hadn't had a nap. She was a bit inconsolable. So, we called it a night early... after we enjoyed a nice view of our new lake.

We caught fish the next day, and walked about the lake. It was gorgeous. We had 5 trout to cook-- Thanks to the hubs! Thanks, hubs....

I made the butter sauce with red onion, thyme, and garlic. We grilled them over the open fire. We had a foil pack with carrots, onion, and potatoes, and canned corn. It was gourmet! I can't believe we had the fish we caught that day.

We're on our way to Boysen State Park now, and we're in Thermopolis, WY. And, we saw the hot springs. I'm not impressed. So, Until tomorrow....

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