Monday, May 20, 2013


When you commit to something, do you question it? Do you find yourself wavering, and questioning it? Do you think that's normal?

I wrote about my plans for Sunday on my last post, and we went to Custer State Park again. And, it was raining. Not severe storms like other parts of the nation are seeing, but it was misty and drizzle all day. Plenty of people were out enjoying the free weekend at the park and most of them didn't seem to mind that its raining. I was bummed. 

We arrived and Adam and Ryan were spending the day fishing at this beautiful lake: Sylvan Lake. There are huge rocks that line the lake. It was beautiful. We arrived about 10 minutes til 11am. We packed lunch and prepared for rain- slickers and all. 

I decided that I would go check out the path, and see how I felt. I let Adam know that I was heading out, and I did. There were two people in front of me and they walked for a good 3/4 mile. And then, they turned around. They didn't commit. I kept going, and I met other people heading down. I committed, and I kept going.

Since Ryan wasn't on my back in the hiking pack, I was in full speed. The hike was beautiful- lots of boulders and pine trees. I didn't stop for more than 20 seconds even though I might have gotten winded a few times.  And besides the rain, it was fun. 

I finally started to really make some head way and gain some altitude. It started to get windier, colder, foggier, and all around ugly. I started climbing steps, and step after stone step, I started to see a building form out of the fog. The bricks and mortar morphed tunnels and bends.  At the top, the lookout was open air. And, I couldn't see a thing. There were 2 people still up at the top, and I said "hello."

They were on their way down to the same destination, Sylvan Lake. So, I asked for some company since I was alone and the weather was not ideal.  They were two young men, one from Abeleen and One from NYC, Manhattan. They were friends and very cordial, polite gentlemen.Vince and Calvin and I, though, seemingly took a little detour through the Cathedral Spires and made it back to the lake. I was glad to have the company, and we spoke about many interests including hiking and cooking. Once we got down to the trailhead, I introduced them to Ryan and Adam. I think it was a nice conclusion after being soaking wet the entire trail. 

I'm so glad that I didn't turn back. I had a wonderful walk in the woods, and I saw something that few see... Harney Peak. It's awesome, and if you're ever in South Dakota... you should see it.  So, Commit to it, rain or shine. And, figuratively, too. If you have a decision, whether is big or small, that you're wavering in and out of which might have big rewards.... Do it! Commit to it, and commit to it wholly. 
I'm sure glad that I did, despite the weather. It was worth it. 

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