Thursday, May 23, 2013

Camping and Water

We're planning for the next section on our road trip which is from Rapid City to West Yellowstone, Montana. And, we've been very concerned about water, lakes, rivers, and ponds. We have a very dear friend that lost a child when she was young. They were camping, and he crawled out of the tent, went to the water, and they had no idea he was gone. Tragic and disturbing.

We went to Randolph Lake last summer for Memorial Day weekend. We packed up the canoe, tent, and Ryan's lifevest. Ryan wasn't a strong walker yet, so we weren't really concerned with her figuring out how to get out the tent. But, this year, now, I'm worried.

Ryan is pretty creative when it comes to figuring our problems. She's a climber. She's interested and curious. We talked about our plans for camping near water this year, and I thought of getting those little luggage locks so that we can lock the tent while we are in it. It's just a deterrent from the possibility of us not knowing she's left the tent. We will be near water in Wyoming-- at our favorite camping spot, our engagement spot, and most special place in the world: Leidy Lake.  I would hate to tarnish that spot with anything tragic.

I feel so sad that these thoughts have to be addressed, but I know other parents think and discuss the "what ifs." Water and Camping go hand in hand to brew some wonderful memories, but we were warned after this terrible story was divulged to us. We rethink our moves in a different way because of the love we have for our beautiful child.

Speaking of Leidy Lake, I am so excited to spend a few days there. Some of my best adult memories are at this spot. It's just pristine, and my husband and I got to know each other there under the stars. It was the summer of 2007. We were from two different places, and we found so many commonalities. We had a fresh slate. Nothing connecting us. Out of chaos, we became dancing stars (Nietchze). We double dazzled. Our lives changed.

Leidy Lake is a place of relaxing, fishing, dancing, hammocking, laughing, and being merry. We spent time together with our friends. We had bonfires; we had parties. We listened to our favorite music and lived a boheme lifestyle. We knew in a way it was a fleeting moment. We wouldn't forever live in Jackson, Wyoming. And, obviously, we didn't.

If there's one thing Adam and I miss from our life in Wyoming, it's Leidy Lake. We have a few special photos from camping there, but mostly, we just lived in the moment.

There's been tears shed about the times we had there. We've missed it, and I'm so glad to see that water and those mountains again. It's a hard thing to live and to love a place, but let me tell you, I lived, loved, and left that place. It will be a happy reunion.

Lady Leidy isn't well known, and I hope that it stays that way. I'm not saying its the most spectacular place, but it's home to Adam and I. It's where we fell in love.

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Montria Taylor said...

Awwww you brought a smile to my face a tear to my eye. I too have the most Wonderful memories of Leidy Lake, ones I share with only a few very Dear friends and my daughters! Those were some of my fondest memories of camping and was my very First deep woods camping experience! Such Great times that all though I am guilty of trying to recreate I know I can't.