Friday, May 24, 2013

The Sunshine

I love sunshine. I thank the Lord that I get to stand and walk in it. On our hike today, Ryan was stellar. She was loving the wind and the sunshine. She was singing and laughing. She loves to sing 'Amazing Grace' and it just makes my heart swell when I hear it. She'll ask me what I want to hear, and I usually say, "whatever you feel like," or "whatever makes you happy."

Since we've been hiking together, I have noticed that Ryan getting better at hiking on her own. She's not always thrilled about going hiking, but once we're out there in the wide open she's delightful. Today, I was impressed.

We went to Downtown Rapid City, to Founder's Park and Memorial-Larsen Trail System. It's not far away from us, and it's pretty spectacular for being downtown. There are mountain biking trails, hiking and running trails, and it is always nice to get a view of the city from a new perspective. From the first steps, we were gaining altitude. We started going straight up immediately, and Ryan was not in the back pack. She made it all the way to the top! She was determined to do so. I saw her little legs just moving over rocks...her arms balancing.. her little body stabilizing.  She was going to make it.  She would take breaks, but she just kept persevering. She made it!

Was this a reaction to what she's been seeing me do? Is this routine? Is she's just now doing it because she sees me do it? Either way, she impressed me.

There's always plenty to look at whether it's people or nature. Today, there were lots of boulders and people bouldering. A number of mountain bikers passed us, and Ryan would say, "Look at those boys."

 Ryan finally asked me to put her in the back pack once we were at the top, and we had to find a place to snack. She was loving the break for a while. She sat and had her PB & J. And, we chatted for a while. She's recently learned "why?" And I now hear it about 350 times a day. It's funny.

Once we were ready to go down, Ryan said she wanted to walk again. So, she did. She gave it her all. She wasn't going back in the pack. at. all. And, she made it all the way back down.

I learn so much from that little girl. I learn to keep on going. I learn that if she can do it, I surely can too.  I learn that if I give, I'll get.  All is all, this is special quality time together. She gets to explore and learn.  I have noticed an improvement in her speech. I have seen advances in her knowledge of colors and letters.  We look around and talk about it.  The wildflowers were exceptional today... yellow, purple, and bluebells....

Thank you, Lord, for sunshine. I'm so thankful for it today. We made the most of our sunshine today!

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