Thursday, May 23, 2013


"The waiting place....Waiting on the snow to snow or the rain to pass, or waiting around for friday night... Everyone is just waiting"-- Dr. Seuss

I have been waiting for the rain to pass, and today it did. It's over and gone. And today and tomorrow are supposed to be beautiful. Ryan and I went on a hike today, and we did some rock scrambling. It was cold up high where we were trying to climb, but the view was worth it!

In other news, my camera has died. I could have cried. I really don't have very good luck with cameras or phones, or anything electronic. I'm desperately trying to decide whether to ebay the same one, so I can get it in Wyoming, or just to send home for our second mediocre camera. BUMMER! I'm not happy.  So, I have to wait for that too... either way. Wait for it to ship or wait for a new one to come it.

I could go to a pawn shop? Any one have feeling about pawn shopping???

Today, my brain is scattered. We were off to our hike by 8 and returned by 10. We met Adam for lunch, and that was nice....

What can I write about with focus?

I'm thinking about going thrift shopping today.

I'm thinking about going on another hike this afternoon, but in Rapid City.

I'm thinking how nice it would be to have a picnic outside. Or camp under the stars.

I'm hoping we get to do that for a couple of days next week when we're in between places. Montana, here we come.

I'm thinking that I feel sleepy.

I think I'll read a book this afternoon. I can't have a cup of coffee. I over did it yesterday. I do love a good cup of joe though... every morning.

I'd like to dance too....

Speaking of dance parties and tea parties:

Ryan and I had both of those yesterday when we were stuck in the room. We invited teddy and our crocodile stuffed animals. We listened to bluegrass and danced all about the room. It was really fun. Ryan loves to dance.

We also did something really fun last night with Daddy. We had milkshakes and dessert! And, sometimes it's the really small things that can give so much joy. I had a strawberry rhubarb rustic pie with vanilla ice cream, and Ryan had a strawberry milkshake. Check out my 2 favorite people!

I'm sorry today is scatterbrained. I'll focus and write a second post today.

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